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Chazelles Fireplaces

Chazelles Fireplace is a one-stop luxury Fireplace showroom Sydney for a variety of modern fireplace designs ranges from the outdoor wood fireplace to modern gas fireplace with built-in fireplace functionality.

C700R FIREPLACE - Chazelles Fireplaces

C700R Wood Burning Fireplace 
With comparative highlights to the C700L, for example, energy yield and incentive for cash. The C700R fireplace has an extra component: the Chazelles Dual Opening Door System. This framework has a retractable entryway that vanishes from view to encounter an open fireplace. The entryway can be pulled down to return to an energy-productive, slow-burning fireplace for home warming.

Highlights Include: 

  • 185kg substantial cast iron fireplace 
  • Double Opening Door System 
  • 200mm vent size 
  • 820°C warmth safe artistic level glass 
  • The decision of 2 entryway trim completions: gunmetal or full metal 
  • 10-year guarantee 
  • AS/NZS 4013 tried.


  • Unit Size: 694W x 1231H x 468D 
  • Est. Room Size*: 50 – 100 m2 
  • Est Peak Output: 25 kwh 
  • Energy Efficiency Rating**: 74.5%

*Fluctuates relying on roof stature, establishment, and a spot of development. 
**Ratios as indicated by European Standard Tests: EN 13229: 2001.

396 Princes Highway St Peters, Sydney NSW 2044, Australia

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