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Chazelles Fireplaces

Chazelles Fireplace is a one-stop luxury Fireplace showroom Sydney for a variety of modern fireplace designs ranges from the outdoor wood fireplace to modern gas fireplace with built-in fireplace functionality.

DF1200 Double Sided Fireplace

The DF1200 is a double-sided, wood-burning fireplace that permits you to broaden the happiness of a wooden log fire to more than one living space in the home. Planned with double glass entryway openings on the two sides. 

The DF1200 is ideal for enormous territories and as the point of convergence of diversion, it permits you to make two totally different zones inside one space. The spotless and continuous lines of the unit are additionally improved by the utilization of a removable handle, and the astutely planned debris extractor makes cleaning your fireplace a matter of simplicity. 

The DF1200 additionally includes Chazelles' extraordinary Dual Opening Door System that permits you to appreciate the vibe of an open fire or by sliding the entryway down, the firebox quickly returns to a protected and proficient, slow ignition wood fireplace

Highlights Include: 

  • 275 kg double skin 1.5 mm thick steel structure fireplace 
  • Sides and base fixed with fireclay firebricks 
  • All out unit weight with the firebricks introduced: 456kg 
  • 280 mm vent size 
  • 820°C warmth safe artistic level glass 
  • Four 150mm connectors for hot air ducting framework 
  • The decision of 3 entryway trim completions: gold, hardened steel, or dark 
  • AS/NZS 4013 tried 
  • 10-year Warranty. 


  • Unit Size: 1174W x 1482H x 595D 
  • Est. Room Size*: 150 – 200 m2 
  • Est Peak Output: 33 kwh 
  • Energy Efficiency Rating**: 75.1% 

*Fluctuates relying on roof stature, establishment, and a spot of development. 
**Ratios as indicated by European Standard Tests: EN 13229: 2001.

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